[arch-general] makepkgchroot

Myra Nelson myra.nelson at hughes.net
Fri Jun 17 13:38:09 EDT 2011

I'm attempting to set up a clean chroot to build packages in. I've followed the
instructions on the wiki page

I've read all the posts on the forum, than man pages, and the mailing lists
(I may have missed something) and haven't found any answer to my problem;

Steps to recreate:

1. sudo mkarchroot ~/chroot/root base base-devel sudo -- success
2. edit pacman.conf, makepkg.conf, and mirrorlist in the chroot directory
3. sudo mkarchroot -u ~/chroot/root -- success
4.  a) [myra at gandalf ../repos/core-x86_64]:sudo makechrootpkg  -c -r ~/chroot
         creating clean working copy...done
         /usr/sbin/makechrootpkg: line 194:
/home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No such file or directory
         /usr/sbin/makechrootpkg: line 199:
/home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No such file or directory
         sed: can't read /home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No
such file or directory
         /usr/sbin/makechrootpkg: line 204:
/home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No such file or directory
         sed: can't read /home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No
such file or directory
         /usr/sbin/makechrootpkg: line 209:
/home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No such file or directory
         grep: /home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/makepkg.conf: No such file
or directory
         /usr/sbin/makechrootpkg: line 244:
/home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/sudoers.d/nobody-pacman: No such file or
         chmod: cannot access
`/home/myra/chroot/myra/etc/sudoers.d/nobody-pacman': No such file or
         error: '/home/myra/chroot/myra' does not appear to be a Arch chroot
         please build the image using mkarchroot
         Build failed, check /home/myra/chroot/myra/build

    b) [myra at gandalf ../repos/core-x86_64]:sudo makechrootpkg  -r ~/chroot/root
        Missing chroot dir root directory.
        Try using: mkarchroot /home/myra/chroot/root/root base base-devel sudo
        usage makechrootpkg [options] -r <chrootdir> [--] [makepkg args]
        Run this script in a PKGBUILD dir to build a package inside a
        clean chroot. All unrecognized arguments passed to this script
        will be passed to makepkg.

        The chroot dir consists of the following directories:
        <chrootdir>/{root, copy} but only "root" is required
        by default. The working copy will be created as needed

        The chroot "root" directory must be created via the following
        mkarchroot <chrootdir>/root base base-devel sudo

        Default makepkg args: -s --noconfirm

        -h         This help
        -c         Clean the chroot before building
        -u         Update the working copy of the chroot before building
                   This is useful for rebuilds without dirtying the pristine
        -d         Add the package to a local db at /repo after building
        -r <dir>   The chroot dir to use
        -I <pkg>   Install a package into the working copy of the chroot
        -l <copy>  The directory to use as the working copy of the chroot
                        Useful for maintaining multiple copies.
                        Default: myra

Using [myra at gandalf ../repos/core-x86_64]:sudo makechrootpkg  -r ~/chroot/myra
gets the same results as b).

I don't think anything is wrong with makechrootpkg. I'm sure it's
something simple and
I'm probably just brickheaded and can't sort out what I'm doing wrong.
If someone has
a two by four to hit me with and straighten out my thinking please
don't hesitate.


Life's fun when your sick and psychotic!

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