[arch-general] Anybody else have problems with the new Nvidia drivers (275.09.07-1)

Richard Schütz r.schtz at t-online.de
Sat Jun 18 05:57:07 EDT 2011

Am 18.06.2011 11:29, schrieb Martti Kühne:
> On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Richard Schütz<r.schtz at t-online.de>  wrote:
>> Am 18.06.2011 09:08, schrieb Dan Vratil:
>> I don't think so. Epiphany is based on WebKit these days. And because I can
>> trigger the bug in EOG (Eye of GNOME) it doesn't look like a browser problem
>> for me at all.
>> Perhaps it is a problem of GTK together with nvidia 275.09.07. I tried feh
>> (a simple X11 image viewer that doesn't use GTK or Qt) and it works fine
>> without flickering, artifacts or something else strange.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Richard Schütz
> Update, I also see anything but the picture when the bug occurs,
> namely random garbage. I can confirm that feh, launched the regular
> way does not trigger the bug, although, also I have to confirm that
> display (imagemagick- actually does trigger the bug.
> Actually my guess is feh restricts itself to become larger than the
> screen's resolution (which is smaller than 2047 here) and thus is just
> not storing the full resolution image in video memory. I just managed
> to something like trigger the bug, X hang for about 4 seconds here and
> will display some garbage, with
> $ feh --geometry 2047x1529 nvbugy7cd.jpg
> heh, after trying this several times, the hang disappears. Might this
> be related to caching?
> cheers!

Yes, you are right: display crashed my X server right now. So this seems 
to be even unrelated to the toolkit.

Richard Schütz

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