[arch-general] Makepkg. Disabling automatically aborting on any errors during packaging

Joker-jar jokerjar at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 23:15:44 EDT 2011

Hello. As you know makepkg since 3.4.0 has feature "automatically aborting
on any errors during packaging". Sometimes this feature makes me cry, for
example, if build() function has:

rm [non-existent file] 2> /dev/null

This problem is not critical if you are author of the build()'s code (you
can adapt code for the capricious makepkg). But i encountered the following
situation: i maintain psi-plus aur package. This project has bash library
libpsibuild.sh for making (because it is a complex process). I use this
library in the build() function of the PKGBUILD. If i run build() function
just under the bash, program builds great, but with makepkg it falls with
error. I can do patch for this library, but it is not good solution, because
of this library updates literally every day.

So i requesting something like boolean variable in the PKGBUILD, which can
switch automatically aborting. If author preferred to disable this feature,
he will take care of error handling in the code directly. As i know, gentoo
portages has somesing like this.

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