[arch-general] Is 'network' daemon needed when using netcfg?

XeCycle xecycle at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 08:12:26 EDT 2011

I recently tried netcfg, and have setup automatic connection at boot.
However during the startup, it says something like "This functionality
is deprecated".  In my /etc/rc.conf, I have these for networking:

> HOSTNAME="XeCycle"
> NETWORKS=(profile)
> DAEMONS=(syslog-ng dbus network net-profiles netfs crond sensors \
> sshd hddtemp dictd cdemud)

So, should I remove 'network' from the 'DAEMONS'?

Thank you.

PS. Is the process of starting daemons logged?  When I ran into problems
about daemons, usually I can't know exactly what had happened, because
before I could read the error messages, they disappeared.

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