[arch-general] 2010.05 iso images problem?

didier gaumet didier.gaumet at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 04:36:51 EST 2011

Le Wed, 2 Mar 2011 17:53:41 +0100,
Øyvind Heggstad <mrelendig at har-ikkje.net> a écrit :

> Did you happen to reuse an old /boot or / partion? (or maybe had the
> wrong /boot partion in your booloader?)

Being at times a very absent-minded person, I was seriously beginning
to doubt what I had actually done.

So this morning, I downloaded the very same iso image from the very
same mirror, verified its sha1sum, burnt it on a disc and installed it
onto an usb key.
The result was:
- a brand new functional Archlinux with its 2.6.33 kernel
and modules
- an ashamed me. Much ado about nothing.

The one reason of this problem I can think of is that being
absent-minded, I forgot about somehow failing to upgrade properly to
2.6.37 after having *successfully* installed 2.6.33 from the iso.

Please guys accept my apologies for having wasted your time, and my
thanks for your answers :-)

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