[arch-general] Arch Translation Day, vol 2

Dan Vrátil dan at progdan.cz
Thu Mar 3 08:41:13 EST 2011


the Arch Translation Day was mentioned last month on arch-events ml 
but really, who reads it :) And because last month not many people
participated (because of exam period) we decided to give it another 
when more people might have time.

Here in Czech republic we have quite a huge and strong community of 
users and there is also considerable amount of people who don't speak
English well enough to fully understand some articles. Thefore we
decided to do Arch Translation Day and translate the most important
articles to Czech. Of course, there's no need to make an event in 
to create new translations and improve wiki, but massive action will
probably attract more people and the result will be better.

And when this action can help to improve Czech articles on wiki, why
couldn't we call it for another languages too, huh? :)

The idea is quite simple: pick an wiki page in whatever language you
speak and translate it to your mother language (or any other language
you speak too), primary focusing on pages about important issues
(beginner's guide, official installation guide, articles about DEs,
graphic drivers etc).

The event will happen this weekend (5th-6th), and we hope that the
result will be the Best Distribution Wiki(tm).

Happy translating :))

PS: Pierre mentioned inter-wiki setup, but first someone would have to
do it (and I belive only devs can?). When this is set up, it's no
problem to migrate the articles to their respective wikis.



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