[arch-general] Gaussum package is not updated - can any administrator leave it orphan?

Hector Martinez-Seara hseara at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 11:14:23 EST 2011

Hi all,
the Gaussum package has not been updated for a long time. Now in its
current state is not usable. I sent a email to the maintainer to try
to address the situation or at least free the package. I didn't get
any answer:

Archlinux package gausssum is out of date

Hector Martinez-Seara  to fmying

show details 28 Feb (5 days ago)

Dear fmying,
the package gausssum in archlinux AUR has been out of date for a long
time. Please proceed to its update. In the case you can't or you are
not interested please proceed to disown the package it so I can update
it. You can do that from the archlinux.org webpage in AUR section.
once you have logging.

If you cannot disown the package please let me know and I will send an
email to the administrator so they can do it.


Can any administrator leave this package orphan so I can became its
maintainer and update it.


Hector Martínez-Seara Monné
mail: hseara at gmail.com
Tel: +34656271145
Tel: +358442709253

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