[arch-general] Several advices about Perl Package Packaging Standards

郑文辉 techlivezheng at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 21:58:25 EST 2011


I have several thoughts about perl packages packing standards.

First,It seems to me that renaming spamassassin to
perl-mail-spamassassin which following the cpan perl packages naming
standard is better.May be we can add a feature to PKGBULD that
allowing package have several alias.Ex,perl-mail-spamassassin should
be the official name and spamassassin could be the common name or
aliase.Both official name and standard name can be installed or
qureied using pacman,but official name mostly used in programing and
official posts.

Second,the URL variable of perl package's PKGBUILD should be restriced
to cpan permanent urls (like:http://search.cpan.org/dist/*) even if
the project has its own home page,and the cpan will link to the
project's real homepage if exits.

What do you think?

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