[arch-general] HTTP Custom Mirror on Install

Thomas Misilo misilot at fit.edu
Wed Mar 9 08:17:48 EST 2011

I am using the directions on the New Mirror page, as we are looking to eventually opening the mirror to the public. Symlinks are intact in the different directories linking to pool, so that isn't an issue. 



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On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 6:17 PM, Jesse Juhani Jaara <jesse.jaara at gmail.com> wrote:
> ti, 2011-03-08 kello 18:39 -0500, Thomas Misilo kirjoitti:
>> Good Evening,
>> I was trying to use a custom mirror during an install today, it is only a HTTP server currently. Is this a problem, does it need to be ftp? As the mirror does work with pacman after install.
>> Thanks!
>> Tom
> There are no limitations on the protocol used, as long as the program 
> used for the downloading supports it.
> By default atleas ftp, http and local repositories are supported.

and btw ... if your talking about a full blown local mirror (where you sync packages daily or whatever), _DON'T_ follow the relevant article in the wiki --  that script breaks symlinks to the pool directory (shared packages across architecture) and you will end up downloading nearly 2x what you should (almost ~45GB IIRC for just the main
repos!!) because `*.any.tar.xz` packages, and possibly others, will be duplicated.

i found this out the hard way by not testing well enough before initiating the first sync.  i was able to write a script and repair it, but a word of caution at least.  i've been meaning to update the wiki with my own scriptfoo that actually works pretty nice but i forgot about it until, well, just now :-)

C Anthony

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