[arch-general] Port 80 is shown open in port scan without any web server running

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Mar 30 06:57:45 EDT 2011

Am 30.03.2011 12:48, schrieb Partha Chowdhury:
>> The threat here is that your ISP will log every page visit you do and
>> also has the ability to block certain websites.
> Doesn't every ISP keeps logs of what sites its customers are visiting
> for a certain amount of time ?

If you live in China, yes. In a free country, I would hope not. I am
pretty sure my provider does not log such information and I think it is
even forbidden by law.

I am also pretty sure that I do not sit behind a transparent proxy (I do
at work, but not at home).

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