[arch-general] cancel request to reopen a feature request

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Wed Mar 30 21:54:23 EDT 2011

Is there a way to cancel a request to reopen a feature request? Seems I 
jumped the gun just a little when I requested to reopen it, as the 
package release that implements the feature took a little time to get to 
my mirror of choice, and I based my request on the prior release. The 
task in question is #23517, and it should indeedd remain closed, as the 
feature has been implemented and I have successfully tested it. The 
error message I pasted in the task is from the previous release, which 
was still the latest version on my chosen mirror at the time I 
encountered the error.

BTW, I would like to thank the Arch developers for such a quick response 
to my rather minor feature request. It was fixed just over two hours 
after I submitted it. You guys rock!

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