[arch-general] "The Canterbury Distribution"

C Anthony Risinger anthony at extof.me
Thu Mar 31 21:09:36 EDT 2011

EDIT: ah jeez ... it's that damn time of year again.  haha i always
forget about the day of fools until i'm 3 seconds from spamming my
gullibility to the world.

sending anyway because i already wrote it ;-)

C Anthony


so i sorta meandered to the debian.org homepage randomly, and was
surprised to see this:

[ it's a link, go ahead and click it :-) ]

"We are pleased to announce the birth of the Canterbury distribution.
Canterbury is a merge of the efforts of the community distributions
formerly known as Debian, Gentoo, Grml, openSUSE and Arch Linux.

The target is to produce a really unified effort and be able to stand
up in a combined effort against proprietary operating systems, to show
off that the Free Software community is actually able to work together
for a common goal instead of creating more diversity."

The Canterbury distribution will combine the best of the linux world
to another game changer for the good of the users:

Simple as Arch - technologically simple and bleeding edge.
Stable as Debian - highly dependable.
Malleable as Gentoo - you get what you really want.
Live as Grml - readily usable.
Openminded as openSUSE - broad and welcoming for everyone.
(2011-04-01) - Public Announce
Today we came to the point where we feel comfortable to announce the
joined effort to the general public. Please watch this space over the
next days.

looks like it was announced today-ish (er tomorrow for me ...), so
what i'm wondering if there is any kind of official affiliation here?
did anyone here (particularly those close to development processes)
know about this?  at any rate, sounds pretty cool, should be a good

C Anthony

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