[arch-general] Best way to make makepkg use pacman-color

Alex Ferrando alferpal at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 16:39:04 EDT 2011

I've been using pacman-color since a while ago (now pacman-color-testing 
as I'm using [testing]) and a few days ago I noticed that pacman-color 
is not used by makepkg.

I got curious and started looking for information about a way of doing 
makepkg to use pacman-color instead of pacman. However the only way 
found is to modify the makepkg script itself, if I'm not wrong editing 
the line 2089:


So now I have some questions about the right way to do this

a) creating a package that conflicts with pacman because of makepkg 
being inside the pacman package (not very happy with this idea)

b) creating a package that provides another makepkg script (lets say 
makepkg-color) that calls pacman-color instead of pacman

c) something that I'm forgetting

Any advice on this? Right now I'm only considering a package to keep 
track of the file and not editing the file because of ( possible ? ) 
troubles with updates.


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