[arch-general] fluxbox with dbus session freezes.

Javier Vasquez j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 20:45:06 EST 2011


I don't use d-bus much, since I don't use desktop environments and I
tend to use light and configured things like autofs, fluxbox itself
and the like.

On my x86-64 machine running under arch-linux, I tried starting dbus
sessions prior to executing fluxbox as follows:

dbuslaunch="`which dbus-launch 2>/dev/null`"
if [ -n "$dbuslaunch" ] && [ -x "$dbuslaunch" ] && [ -z
 eval `$dbuslaunch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session`
exec startfluxbox

When running startx, it starts OK...  Problem is if I leave X to do
something in the
console, and the same tty where I started the X session, and come back
to X, fluxbox is already frozen.

I opted for not starting the dbus session, or as I work around make
sure when leaving X temporally, make sure nothing is done on the same
tty where X started...

Has anyone experienced the same?



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