[arch-general] Time delay problem with latest [core] kernel

XeCycle xecycle at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 06:00:37 EST 2011

Hi, I'm using the latest kernel from [core] (linux 3.1-4), and
experienced a terrible delay of software MIDI synthesizers.

I'm using fluidsynth, using ALSA as the output driver (I simply can't
get jack working), and VMPK as a keyboard MIDI event generator.  The
delay used to be fine, but with the latest kernel, it's longer than 0.5
secs --- that's unusable.  I believe this should be kernel-related,
could you please suggest some solutions or workarounds?

Carl Lei (XeCycle)
Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
OpenPGP public key: 7795E591
Fingerprint: 1FB6 7F1F D45D F681 C845 27F7 8D71 8EC4 7795 E591
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