[arch-general] Problems with alsamixer after system update

Daniel Hilst Selli danielhilst at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 11:59:25 EST 2011

I have made a system update today with pacman -Syu..

After that I'm facing problems with alsamixer.

It works o tty but not on xterm or gnome-terminal

Here is the error:
[geckos at archlinux ~]$ alsamixer
alsamixer: hcontrol.c:574: snd_hctl_load: Assertion
`list_empty(&hctl->elems)' failed.

Seems to be between pulseaudio and alsa, because alsamixer -c0 works

Also, I cant raise volume with amixer, "amixer -c0 -D default sset 
Master 2dB+" gives me "amixer: Invalid command!"


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