[arch-general] coreutils fails "make check"

Garry Roseman forestmoonsilence at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 23:47:52 EST 2011

I tried to compile coreutils-8.14-1 from abs, with standard Arch CFLAGS. It
fails the "make check" in one test, test-parse-datetime.

I found a recent
a patch needed to avoid false failures in this test caused by
handling of DST. (I'm not on DST right now).

Shouldn't the coreutils in abs be passing this test during the build? Is it
safe to ignore the failure?

[BTW, coreutils fails to compile with "-march=native" on an i5-2405s
(native translates to corei7-avx plus a bunch of flags for sse4 etc.) but
succeeds (except for that one test) by adding "-mno-avx" to CFLAGS. "Fails
to compile" is an understatement. While compiling coreutils I briefly saw
what looked like an old ROM debugger screen and then my display came back
but all of my file systems were read-only. I think folks might want to add
the "-mno-avx" flag to "-march=native" on most Sandy Bridge builds unless
you know that the package can take advantage of the avx instruction set.
Firefox has been known to fail at run time when compiled for "native" on
Sandy Bridge.]

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