[arch-general] Why ghc 7.2.2 ?

Bernardo Barros bernardobarros2 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 22:00:14 EST 2011


I agree with what is on the first e-mail from [arch-haskell].

Vesa idea is quite good. I quote here:

> Future======
> The actions I'm about to do are following:
>     - remove haskell-platform and all its libs from extra     - only
> keep ghc in extra    - alex, happy and cabal-install and the libs they
> need       (5-10) go to community


My question was about the ghc version 7.2.2 instead of 7.0.3. The
reason Haskell Platform did not 'upgrade' it is because it is a
"technology preview' release as you can read in announcement:

> The 7.2 branch is intended to be more of a "technology preview" than
> normal GHC stable branches; in particular, it supports a
> significantly improved version of DPH, as well as new features such
> as compiler plugins and "safe Haskell". The design of these new
> features may evolve as we get more experience with them.


And I wonder if would be better to wait until the next "production"
release to upgrade ghc in [extra]

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