[arch-general] ACPI bug in kernel 3.1?

Erik Johnson palehose at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 16:08:54 EST 2011

Since the 3.1 update, when I suspend with pm-suspend, upon resuming my
netbook goes right back to sleep. This behavior is not present in
3.0.7-1 but exists in 3.1-4 and 3.1.1-1. However, this only happens when
my netbook is suspended via a lid close event. Running pm-suspend from
the command line works as expected.

I'm not using a DE. Suspend is triggered by adding /usr/sbin/pm-suspend
to the "button/lid" action in /etc/acpi/handler.sh.

This seems like an upstream bug, but I just wanted to see if anyone else
was experiencing this.



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