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On Mon, 21 Nov 2011 11:23:58 -0800
Bernardo Barros <bernardobarros2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Perhaps the developers want to take a look at this distribution.It is
> reported that is written in a `purely functional package management'
> and tries to be a highly safe OS, where `upgrading a system is as
> reliable as reinstalling from scratch'.
>   http://nixos.org/nixos/
> > Because the files of a new configuration don’t overwrite old ones,
> > you can (atomically) roll back to a previous configuration. For
> > instance, if after a nixos-rebuild switch you discover that you
> > don’t like the new configuration, you can just go back
> It can be an inspiration for a new version of pacman rewritten in
> haskell? Also Don Stewart's talk about 'Scripting with Types' might
> inspire someone too (BTW since he started arch-haskell I think he is a
> Arch user):
>   http://donsbot.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/semicolon.pdf

Well I'm just a TU but I guess most people here are always pleasured for
people bringing up their ideas, when they want to realize them by

Seriously, it's probably meant like this but your mail reads like a
"Hey why don't you learn $INSERT_LANG_HERE and rewrite your whole

I've not participated in pacman development myself so I guess I should
stfu myself, but for me this proposal just reads like a kick into the
faces of Allan, Dan and all the other people who did so.

Kind Regards
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