[arch-general] Re: pacman new generation

Nicolas Sebrecht nsebrecht at piing.fr
Tue Nov 22 04:50:08 EST 2011

The 21/11/11, Thorsten Töpper wrote:

> Seriously, it's probably meant like this but your mail reads like a
> "Hey why don't you learn $INSERT_LANG_HERE and rewrite your whole
> system."
> I've not participated in pacman development myself so I guess I should
> stfu myself, but for me this proposal just reads like a kick into the
> faces of Allan, Dan and all the other people who did so.

I don't think, so. Or nothing could be discussed because some others did
another choice some time ago.

OP raised one or two benefits of Haskell over shell scripting. He is
right even if it's somewhat partial: many of high-level languages have
very good advantages over shell scripting. I do think pacman could be
much better if rewritten in one of these languages.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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