[arch-general] pacman new generation

Taylor Hedberg tmhedberg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 10:50:49 EST 2011

Rodrigo Amorim Bahiense, Tue 2011-11-22 @ 13:43:58-0200:
> Code language should not be chosen based on popularity. C is used in
> most unix-like software because of its quality and not as a
> consequence of the available developer pool for it.

Maybe not, but the person I was replying to was making the specific
argument that higher-level languages like Haskell would be more suitable
for a tool like pacman because a larger number of people would be able
to contribute. I was simply pointing out the fact that that is certainly
not the case for Haskell in particular.

I don't think popularity is irrelevant, either, assuming you are
interested in increasing the volume of contributions to your project. If
you pick a relatively obscure language to work in, you are just creating
another barrier that makes it harder for new people to become acquainted
with the codebase.
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