[arch-general] Localization issues (Attention Developers)

atilla ontas tarakbumba at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 07:51:09 EST 2011

Hi. I' m an experienced translator from Turkey. Contributing Arch
turkish translations for a while. I have noticed today; some strings
in pacman-scripts are very hard to translate. You see, Turkic
languages are very differ from Latin origin languages; structure of
sentence is almost reversed. So, using multiple "%s" variables in
source string makes a lot of trouble. It is hard to translate and
translated strings are hard to understand for native Turkish speakers.
For example;

"Running %s as an unprivileged user will result in non-root\nownership
of the packaged files. Try using the %s environment by\nplacing %s in
the %s array in %s."

will translated into turkish properly, if second, third, fourth and
fifth %s variables are supposed to %d, %n, %f, %z :

"%s uygulamasını yetkisiz kullanıcı olarak çalıştırmak paketlenmiş
dosyaların kök olmayan sahiplik almasına yol açacaktır. %z dosyası
içindeki %f satırına %n değerini yerleştirerek %d ortamını kullanmayı

You see, how variables reversed? So if you, developers, mind to and if
it is possible use only one %s in a string it will be much
appreciated. Also, if you, developers, mind to add comments what is %s
(a command, an application, what??)  it will be great help to
translators. Greetings...

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