[arch-general] Localization issues (Attention Developers)

Frédéric Perrin frederic.perrin at resel.fr
Sat Nov 26 14:43:34 EST 2011

Le vendredi 25 à 13:51, atilla ontas a écrit :
> You see, how variables reversed? So if you, developers, mind to and if
> it is possible use only one %s in a string it will be much
> appreciated. 

The strings that you find in a .po file are (almost always) fed to
printf(3). In such a string, the first %s will be replaced with the next
argument given to printf(3) (in the example you give, that would be a
command name), the second %s with the following argument, and so on.
However, instead of %s, you may use %m$s in order to point to the m-th
following argument. This means the following string:

> "Try using the %s environment by\nplacing %s in the %s array in %s."
                 ┃                          ┗▶ could have been %2$s
                 ┗▶ could have been written %1$s

Could be translated as:

> "%4$s dosyası içindeki %3$s satırına %2$s değerini yerleştirerek %1$s
> ortamını kullanmayı deneyin."

(My apologies if I got the Turkish sentence wrong, but you get the

>              Also, if you, developers, mind to add comments what is %s
> (a command, an application, what??)  it will be great help to
> translators. Greetings...

When I did translations, I used po-mode in emacs that could jump me from
a string to the corresponding source code. That would give quite a lot
more context. I'm sure your $EDITOR for po file has a similar feature.

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