[arch-general] lxde + fluxbox.

Javier Vasquez j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 22:02:45 EDT 2011


I'm not a DE (desktop environment) user, and I'm not planning to
become one.  I'm pretty comfortable with plain fluxbox...  However
when people wonders about how to start on a linux kernel based OS,
specially to be able to run on old or low end machines, they really
expect a DE, not knowing that both major ones (gnome and kde) are
really bloated and they better stay out of their way, :-)

So LXDE sounds like the DE I'd like to experiment with, but I'd like
to use fluxbox instead of openbox.  I'm not familiar with LXDE, so
perhaps a pointer to a tutorial or howto for this WM switch might be
useful.  I'd guess is not just calling startfluxbox in some
configuration file (like ~/.xinitrc), but some care is required for
keyboard management as well since fluxbox offer its own keybinding,
:-)  Also I'd liek to know what problems are to be faced because of
using fluxbox before hand if possible...

Any help will be greatly appreciated, :-)



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