[arch-general] A question about installing Arch

Christian christian08 at runbox.com
Sat Oct 15 18:33:27 EDT 2011

Hi all,
Thanks a lot for your replies.
I have the network installation CD of Arch here so then, what you are saying is that it should download the old packages and then I just upgrade the system with pacman after it has installed?

On 2011-10-15 at 19:26 Leandro Costa wrote:

>Just run a pacman -Syu after the installation and you will get the current
>system. ;)
>2011/10/15 Christopher Richard <christopher.richard27 at gmail.com>
>> You should be able to install 2010 and do a pacman -syu
>> On Oct 15, 2011 2:48 PM, "Christian" <christian08 at runbox.com> wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> > I just have a question and I really need to install Arch.
>Unfortunatly, I
>> > only have the 2010-05 release CD here and I am not able to burn the new
>> one.
>> > Is it correct that it will not be able to download the system and
>> > it?
>> > If not, are there any other ways for me to get this installed?
>> > Many thanks for any help,
>> > Christian
>> >
>> >
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