[arch-general] Problems with pacman 4.0.0-2

Timothée Ravier timothee.romain.ravier at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 18:09:17 EDT 2011


I'm using pacman from testing and I ran into some troubles.

I set "SigLevel = Optional TrustAll" in pacman.conf, but I'm still
getting a lot of warnings even after I add the keys to the repo.

It also takes an ENORMOUS amount of time to do I don't know what right
after checking packages integrity, and then fails with : "invalid
package or corrupt signature" _without_ telling me which package had a

As a workaround, I'm using "SigLevel =Never", but well, this isn't the
solution. It "fixes" both the performance issue & the signing (as

I tried using an other mirror, hoping that was only a temporary
corruption, but this isn't.

I attached a sample pacman output log. As for performance concerns,
I'm using an intel quad core cpu, with 8Go ram, and pacman doesn't
seem to use any ressource at all.

It looks like it's the gpg-agent command launched by pacman that takes
all this time to complete (and fail in the end ?). I don't have a clue
what it is doing, because that's why I used "Optional TrustAll" in the
first place.

I got three Arch box which are affected by this problem (on different
networks, if it matters for gpg-agent).

Any ideas are welcome. This could be unrelated to pacman itself.


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