[arch-general] Proposal: Translate extension for the wiki

atilla ontas tarakbumba at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 05:59:27 EDT 2011

Hi. I'm trying to translate some articles into Turkish. While looking
to the net, i've found a wiki extension named Translate extension.
Advantages of this extension as well as the contact information of
authors can be found here:


   Features include:

       In-wiki localisation, proofreading and exporting of software
interface messages (or just about anything)
       AJAX enabled web-based translation in supported browsers, as
well as gettext based export and import for off-line translation.
       Structured content page translation using the same system as
interface translation.
       Various aids to make the job of translators easier:
           Display of translations in globally defined other
languages, optionally expanded with user defined languages
           Collaborative editing of documentation of the use and
context of messages
           Translation memory and machine translation with external
tools (tmserver, Google Translate, Apertium)
           Display of the latest change in the source message
           Warnings about common mistakes like parameters that are not used.
       Pre-made modules for various open source products you can use
as an example.
       A versatile plug-in system to make it easy to add new projects
as a message group.
       Various statistics (requires PHPlot for graphics)
           Translation completion percentages for all message groups
in all supported languages
           Daily updates of completion percentages in all supported
languages for any supported message group (if configured).
           Tool for making activity graphs for spans of time. Can
display either number of edits or active users daily or hourly and
includes many filters.

   A more detailed manual for the Translate extension is available at

This extension can significantly ease up maintenance of the
translations with no additional efforts to sync translations with
original (automatic synchronization). Also it give us a chance to have
"separate wiki for each language" without loosing untranslated
information, besides it may eliminate English_Title (Language)
weirdness. I think, exporting wiki pages to gnu gettext catalogs
format should boosts translations may be using transifex or pootle
with wider contributions. I can't find information about this
extension in the forums if it have been discussed before. Also i'm
just a humble contributor so i don't know if it can be implemented.
What do you think about this?

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