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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 26 06:05:08 EDT 2011

Am 26.10.2011 11:54, schrieb Dominik Cermak:
> I get the following message displayed right before the initscripts output:
> [    2.117965] [drm:ironlake_update_pch_refclk] *ERROR* enabling SSC on PCH
> So far I have no problems, but this message seems important.

I have the same, and I am a bit worried. This message is from i915, but
my graphics work fine so far.

This is the output of dmesg -l err:

[    1.882959] [drm:ironlake_update_pch_refclk] *ERROR* enabling SSC on PCH
[   10.336917] ACPI: Invalid _PSD:coord_type
[   10.338144] ACPI: Invalid _PSD:coord_type
[   10.338784] ACPI: Invalid _PSD:coord_type
[   10.339422] ACPI: Invalid _PSD:coord_type
[   12.546241] usb 1-1.6: device descriptor read/64, error -32

The first message is new in 3.1, the ACPI messages appeared with 3.0,
and the last one is a sporadic message that I already got with 3.0.

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