[arch-general] Programs Not Closing

Simon Stoakley sausageandeggs at archlinux.us
Thu Oct 27 07:11:31 EDT 2011

The day was 26/10/11 19:10 when , Squall Lionheart had this to say......:
> Do you think Desktop Search, Nepomnk or akonadi would have anything to do
> with this?  I had them disabled for a long time then enabled them after the
> 4.7 update since I was constantly being nagged about them being disabled.
> Would rather not have them at all in my opinion.

I've disabled them without any troubles so far [1] [2] , bear in mind 
though they'll automatically start if you open kmail etc and are needed 
by some things to work properly [3]

[2] http://ubuntuku.org/16/how-to-disable-nepomuk-akonadi/
[3] http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=154&t=88771#p162713


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