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Leonid Isaev lisaev at umail.iu.edu
Thu Oct 27 15:53:49 EDT 2011

On (10/27/11 21:34), Manolo Martínez wrote:
-~> On 10/27/11 at 12:25pm, Leonid Isaev wrote:
-~> > On (10/27/11 18:48), Manolo Martínez wrote:
-~> > -~> On 10/27/11 at 11:24am, Leonid Isaev wrote:
-~> > -~> > you should let console-kit do the permission granting. In fact, on a modern
-~> > -~> > linux system you only have to be a member of 1 group: users.
-~> > -~> 
-~> > -~> And wheel? 
-~> > 
-~> > Wheel has to done manually, of course. What *kit does, in a nutshell, is just
-~> > elevate priviledges of local users over remote, so you can have control over
-~> > devices attached to your machine.
-~> > -- 
-~> Should this be added to the Beginners' Guide at the wiki? I'm thinking of
-~> something ecumenical along the lines of "do it the usergroup way, or you may
-~> consider adding yourself to users and wheel and allow *kit to take care of the
-~> rest by launching your wm under a *kit-session.
-~> Manolo
-~> -- 

Well, there is a (probably outdated) section "Groups" at
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Users_and_Groups, which can hold this
note. But I completely miss the appeal of the wheel group. If you want root use
su -, otherwise why do you need special priveledges? I would say, don't even
mention it.

Leonid Isaev
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