[arch-general] coping with damaging updates

Mick bareman at tpg.com.au
Thu Oct 27 22:46:43 EDT 2011

> Personally I'm not using neither gui file browser nor consolekit
> session and make use of the group based permission because I know how
> to handle things, and I can look up eventual barriers in my way
> quickly and reliably enough. I mount usb drives manually and generally
> lay hands on my system to keep things running, I mean, in a sane way.
> This is the first time I hear that this way of treating things would
> be discouraged, and I'm asking myself if this is just a sysadmin's
> gripe and if it will be possible in the future. Let's say I'm pretty
> sure it will be possible, since I guess I'm not the only one who
> avoids these additional sources of errors aka. software layers like
> ck/dbus/stuff. I left $certain-other-distro for some reason, and don't
> want to be forced back on this layer cake again.
Since I started using Linux way back in the days of RedHat 5.2 there
has been a massive amount of abstraction and obfuscation of even basic
functions without easily found and understood (by me at least)
explanation and/or how to make it work.

Most of this is well done and sneaks past because it just works but
there are some cases where substantial, from the end-user perspective,
changes to relatively basic functions, like USB sticks, halt/reboot
from within GUI.

Of course "the Arch way" forbids a simple script within the package to
fix these issues.


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