[arch-general] Down doesn't stick

Jorge Almeida jjalmeida at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 07:43:26 EDT 2011

Two days ago I did a one week -due general upgrading. After rebooting,
the "Down" key changed its usual behavior: keeping the key pressed
should keep producing Down events (I use it sometimes to scroll a
google page without the mouse, or to move down across a text editing
page). Now, it only sends one event. If I want to scroll down two
lines I have  to press twice. The Up key still has the usual behavior.
I checked with xev that events are not being sent (i.e., they are not
just being ignored). I suspected a keyboard hw probem, and so I used
xmodmap to map another key (AltGr, right next to the space bar) to be
another Down. It worked well yesterday, but today, after booting, new
and old key have both the same strange behavior.

I have no idea what package may be causing this...

Jorge Almeida

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