[arch-general] wvdial and ppp configuration

Ray Rashif schiv at archlinux.org
Sat Sep 10 16:56:29 EDT 2011

On 11 September 2011 00:27, Fons Adriaensen <fons at linuxaudio.org> wrote:
> Since my (unknown) neighbour finally got smart enough to
> lock me out of his wireless access point (still unencrypted,
> probably filters on MAC address now), I got a Vodafone USB
> internet key, and even managed to make it work. But I've
> the impression that my current configuration isn't really
> optimal.

Isn't that illegal? :P

> 1. The 'Don't know what to do!  Starting pppd and hoping
>   for the best.' line from wvdial looks suspect.

That's normal, I think. However, I don't know the details.

> 2. The fact that I have _two_  new network interfaces.
>   The existence of the 'usb0' one seems to suggest I
>   don't need pppd at all, but how then to bring it up ?

wvdial does all of the device handling for you - no need to explicitly
use pppd to do anything here. You either use wvdial (front-end to ppp
scripts) or pppd alone. pppd is also the one "bringing up" or
registering the ppp device - not you. In short, the following is the
connection process:

(a) edit /etc/wvdial.conf
(b) wvdial $dialername

If you only have one dialer without any name specified you just run
'wvdial' by itself, as root, or as user if given proper permissions.

BTW, are you sure you need usb_modeswitch for this modem? Some modems
used to need that like sometime in 2005/2006, but they no longer do.

> Any information / suggestions to improve this will be
> appreciated. Also, if at all possible I'd like to put
> all this into a neat netcfg profile.

I don't think netcfg has any provision for mobile broadband, but then
again I don't keep tabs on that.


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