[arch-general] Any suggestions on frequently rebuilding a git package?

solsTiCe d'Hiver solstice.dhiver at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 13:59:45 EDT 2011

Nobody mentionned one quite easy solution: use ccache

It's built-in in makepkg so you have only to remove the ! before ccache
in BUILDENV variable in /etc/makepkg.conf

and install also ccache of course.

Then for any C or C++ program that you compile with makepkg, every file
that has already been compiled once is saved.

If ever you  make a mistake in a PKGBUILD and have to recompile a twice
a software, ccache is your saver because the second time is way faster.

Just try it.

Note, as emacs might be written in something else than C or C++ like
some sort of lisp that might not work. or may be , it could work; I
don't know emacs. Vim rocks \o/

You might want to clean your ccache cache frome time to times too.

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