[arch-general] ConvertXToDVD alternative for Linux.

marshall marshall at brooklandsand.co.uk
Thu Sep 22 00:57:49 EDT 2011

On 22/09/11 04:58, Madhurya Kakati wrote:
> Hi,
> One of the very few reasons that I still Dual boot windows is that I don't
> know how to convert media files from one format to another in Linux. On
> windows I use 2 very easy to use softwares namely FormatFactory and
> ConvertXToDVD for my needs. Can you guys tell me about any Linux alternative
> to that? I tried installing ConvertXtoDVD using wine. The main program
> installs fine but the DVD menu templates, though installed, aren't detected
> by the program and hence I cant use the DVD menus.
> Thanks.
# pacman -Ss devede
community/devede 3.17.0-2 [1.93 MB] [installed]
     A program to create VideoDVDs and CDs

I use devede to put video on to dvds, I haven't found anything yet it 
can't convert (mencoder backend).

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