[arch-general] [signoff] linux-3.3.1-1

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Fri Apr 6 09:28:51 EDT 2012

On 04/06/2012 06:54 AM, Tobias Powalowski wrote:
> Hi guys,
> please signoff 3.3 series for both arches.

  First off thank you arch devs. I am newish to arch (was with
fedora/redhat since about RH 3).

  I am very happy with the arch - huge thank you.

  On 3.3.1, obviously I can't sign off - but here's some fedeback.

  I can attest that the OOPS i was seeing with 3.3 (crash on shutdown or
sleep - bluetooth) has not yet happened with 3.3.1.

  I have seen no other problems (encrypted swap / home, 1 laptop w
iwlwifi, 3 desktops). It has been very stable - no issues and no
worrisome logs on any of the machines I am testing on.



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