[arch-general] shebang for python scripts

Ralf Schmitt ralf at systemexit.de
Sun Apr 15 15:51:44 EDT 2012

Martti Kühne <mysatyre at gmail.com> writes:

> question to OP: what is it you have there in your home directory and would
> renaming the binary work for distinction?
> ~/bin/python2.6, ~/bin/python-frobtweaks

I'm using virtualenv, so I have a "copy" of the system python in my
user's home directory. Judging from the blogs/mailing lists's I read
this is best practive if you're developing with python.

> looks like a good measure to me, to just avoid naming collisions if you run
> into problems. technically, you don't even need to prepend PATH to break your
> python2 searchpath, since a custom-built binary in /usr/local/bin would already
> achieve that.

you're talking about that as if breaking things was my intention here :)

Renaming would work, but I do not see that as an acceptable
solution. The problem is the shebang and that should be fixed.

I really fail to see why I even have to explain that stuff. Users should
be able to install custom interpreters for their favorite scripting
languages, and they should be able to also put them first in the search
path without breaking system binaries that happen to be implemented in
one of those scripting languages. It's easy to fix. Every other
distribution I know of does this right. Why do the archlinux developers
fail to see the problem here?


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