[arch-general] Why chsh behaviour differs from specified in manpage?

Dmitry S. Kravtsov idkravitz at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:45:10 EDT 2012

>What is your current shell, as shown by `getent passwd kravitz`?
Thank you, it's pointed out, that I accidently set "zsh" as login shell
instead of "/bin/zsh",
I changed it back to normal and everything works fine now.

I reread the NOTE and it's unclear that CURRENT login shell must be listed
in /etc/shells,
since I thought that it means NEW login shell must be listed there.

       The only restriction placed on the login shell is that the command
name must be listed in /etc/shells, unless the
       invoker is the superuser, and then any value may be added. An
account with a restricted login shell may not change
       her login shell. For this reason, placing /bin/rsh in /etc/shells is
discouraged since accidentally changing to a
       restricted shell would prevent the user from ever changing her login
shell back to its original value.

25 апреля 2012 г. 1:35 пользователь Mantas M. <grawity at gmail.com> написал:

> On 2012-04-24 17:20, Dmitry S. Kravtsov wrote:
> > Today I messed around with zsh and login shells and found a strange
> thing -
> > when I try to change my own login shell - chsh forbids me to do this:
> >
> > $ chsh -s /bin/bash
> > You may not change the shell for 'kravitz'.
> > $ whoami
> > kravitz
> What is your current shell, as shown by `getent passwd kravitz`?
> chsh refuses the change if the current shell isn't in /etc/shells; this
> is noted (a bit unclearly) under "NOTES" in the manpage.
> > By the way, is it a typo in manpage: "for her own account"? Who is "her"?
> > if we talk about user, there should be "his". But maybe I'm wrong, since
> > english is definitely not my native language.
> Since the user's gender is unknown, both 'his' and 'her' are common
> usage, as well as 'his/her' and singular 'their'; this depends entirely
> on the writer. (See, for example,
> <http://english.stackexchange.com/q/48/3635>)
> --
> Mantas M. <grawity at gmail.com>

Dmitry S. Kravtsov

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