[arch-general] [Bulk] Re: RFC: OpenRC as init system for Arch

Kevin Chadwick ma1l1ists at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 28 20:16:46 EDT 2012

On Sat, 28 Apr 2012 16:05:54 -0500
C Anthony Risinger wrote:

> "bloat" is not measured by LOC, but rather by degrees of uselessness.

I disagree here. If many don't use/need those features aside from an
init system initialising things then it is bloat and will have bugs
that will even affect simple firewall systems. Of course I'd use
OpenBSD for a firewall but I know some build a highly stripped down
Linux (kernel).

I hope there's no, well this is cool, and this bits wrong fundamentally
but we and others have done so much work, lets just carry on. Windows
registry springs to mind. Recent events like binary and random config
file locations keep me wondering if the support companies so heavily
involved in Linux have motives to make Linux harder to fix and
customise. I like sed and diff, thankyou very much, I don't want to
learn a thousand different config tools and formats ironically in the
name of 'ease' or 'speed/compatibility' to shut many complainers up.

OpenBSD - hotplugd, sudo - nice and simple.

Linux - udev, polkit and friends - what a mess, where shall I start. Oh
the beginning, right I'll read this book and then I'll know where the
beginning is, of course if somethings configured this then actually
there's a new beginning.

Sorry didn't mean to rant just saying what I see from over complex
newness disregarding strong unix heritage like cross-distro things
such as dconf and gconf bring.

Rather than some conspiracy I'd hope/expect it's simply that having
many many coders bring wanted features but also unstoppable misdirected
trains as there aren't enough top notch respected eyes to notice before
it's too late. Elephantitis.

> i have custom units managing daemons like this, timers syncing
> archlinux mirrors, units modifying /sys/ tunables (there is no
> `sysctl` for sysfs!), some that run/reboot XBMC on my HTPC ...
> ... and on servers especially, i even have units bound to ethernet
> devices, automatically managing the interface, and/or starting dhcp!

Could you be explicit in what you've gained. Maybe I'm ignorrant of the
details but I see perhaps this functionality being more universal and
that's it?

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