[arch-general] migrating Arch to a new machine - what config to keep

Marek Otahal markotahal at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 10:34:39 EST 2012


for migration to a new machine (i686>x86_64, msdos>gpt,ssd,diff disk
layout) I decided to do a clean install,
Now I have
* basic Arch up and running: pacman -S base base-devel
* I'll do pacman -Qe > installed.txt (on the old one), pacman -S
$((cat installed.txt)) (on new)
* cp -a /home

For other directories: /boot - nothing, /var - I dont care about old
logs, is there anything else important?
/etc ... some files (related to hw) changed, but many (wifi, iptables,
cron, security, ...) stay ...is it possible to copy/merge them in a
smart way? Or I have to go through all the configuration?

I read this one:
and basically I'd like to elaborate on how to merge the configs in
/etc (or else?)

Thank you, Mark

Marek Otahal :o)

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