[arch-general] Incorporate udev rules in initrd

Christoph Vigano mail at cvigano.de
Mon Dec 31 02:37:36 EST 2012

Hey guys,

I set the sensitivity of my Thinkpad X230i laptop trackpoint with an
udev rule setting the values in sysfs fitting for me.

One drawback of this solution is that this rule I wrote is not
incorporated inside of the intird, so when I start up, the udev of
initrd already recognized the trackpoint and my rule in the booted-up
system is ignored.

My workaround for this is to manually do "udevadm trigger", which bugs
the hell out of me.

How can I tell mkinitcpio to include a custom udev rule? Do I need to
write a hook for that? How can a hook for this look like?

Thanks in advance!


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