[arch-general] Google earth

P Nikolic p.nikolic1 at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 1 15:55:36 EST 2012

On Wednesday 01 Feb 2012 22:47:47 Jesse Juhani Jaara wrote:
> keskiviikko, 1. helmikuuta 2012 20:37:36 P Nikolic kirjoitti:
> > I am running the nouveau driver  not the Nvidia     i have tried to
> > install
> > lib32-nvidia-utils but got the report below  do i take it that i need to
> > install the full Nvidia binary  ( i do not mind installing it BTW) but
> > thought i would give the  nouveau  a try out  as the last time i tried it
> > Opensuse  it was horrible
> You can't have 2 differend drivers in use (unless they use differend
> kernel module..) at the same time. Its eather nouveau in 64bit and
> in 32bit apps too, or nvidia blob on both archs...
Yes iam fully aware of that   but basically my question was i am at the moment 
running the  nouveau  do i need to switch to the Nvidia Binary driver to get 
Google earth to behave or can i  tell pacman to deinstall the libgl and 
install the nvidia-utils  (or are the nvidia-utils for the Nvidia binary 
driver in which casse the answer is pre determined)

Pete .

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