[arch-general] FS#28008 - Bypass screensaver/locker program on xorg 1.11 and up

Dmitry Korzhevin dkorzhevin at lsupport.net
Thu Jan 19 18:23:16 EST 2012

a funny bug in the Xorg server that could allow attackers with physical
access to a machine to bypass the screensaver/screen locker program.
Most people use those programs to lock their computer when they are
away. On Gnome, gnome-screensaver is responsible for this. On KDE,
kscreenlocker is. There is a wide variety of smaller tools doing the
same thing, e.g. slock, slimlock, i3lock...

Read more:

ctrl+atl+*(on num lock keyboard) confirmed and work in arch linux.

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