[arch-general] Request of printing warnings at the end of pacman upgrade

BlissSam m13253 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 1 12:40:37 EDT 2012


Every arch user may experience such a situation--after a system upgrade, the system is totally unusable.
That is neither the problem of that upgrade, nor the user. In fact, during the upgrading process some important warnings (such as `please reinstall your bootloader', or `please reload the modules yourself') are printed but missed by the user. Especially when hundreds of packages are going to be upgraded, thousands of lines of information will wash away the important warnings.

Although in the wiki, arch officially said that you should check every output line during system upgrade, most people will usually do the following things to upgrade the system: turn on the computer, type pacman -Syu, hit Y, then left the computer alone and check back half an hour later. Few will watch the whole upgrading process and see each line of the output.

So, I recommend that, why don't we print a single message `Some critical packages have been upgraded and some operations needed to be done by yourself, please check back the /var/log/pacman.conf file for some important information.' AT THE END of a system upgrade which has some packages upgrade marked `important'? Packages itself can specify for a single upgrade related to a specific version whether this is an `important' upgrade, in its *.install file.
And it is totally NOT against KISS rule, is it?


BTW, I suggest that add a character (I, W, or E, for 'info' 'warning' 'error') into every line of output to the log file.
the old style is like this:
  [2012-06-25 20:34]   The way fontconfig is configured has been changed. 
and the new one may be this:
  [2012-06-25 20:34 (W)]   The way fontconfig is configured has been changed. 
So the advantage is that, user can use 'cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep (W)' to see all warning messages or 'grep (E)' to see all errors without any clutter. This can be very useful in diagnosing after the system becomes unusable.
If you are disagree with me, just type 'cat /var/log/pacman.log' and try to find something useful in a short time. If you cannot do that, why don't you think this is a good suggestion? 		 	   		  

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