[arch-general] Country Name (ISO-3116) Issues

Damjan gdamjan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 22:44:02 EDT 2012

> I didn't mean to imply that this was a simple problem to solve (and I agree with
> your aim for what that's worth). Simply that we do not want to make political
> decisions at all.

I didn't want to get into this discussion, but I've seen this claim made 
several times. Siding with UN (or any other political entity) *IS* 
making a political decision. I could easily jump to Goodwin's now, with 
an analogy of when accepting the status-quo or major political force 
would not be acceptable for anyone here... anyway..
(would you allow women to vote on Arch issues, when/if they couldn't 
vote for parliament, as they couldn't in a lot of places ?)

You now claim that Republic of Macedonia's name is "Macedonia, The 
Former Yugoslav Republic of" but there's no such *name*. It's just a 
*temporary* reference used by *some* institutions in the world and then 
again, not by others.

The UN uses that reference too, even when it's own charters (should) 
guaranty the right of a sovereign country to have it's own name (ie the 
right of self determination). So why does Arch not abide by those UN 
charters? Obviously UN is politically inconsistent with itself here, and 
Arch now decided to comply with those political decisions.

If I've been trying to build a community, I'd ask the people that 
created & manage the server what they think (or feel) it should be named 
after. That's how meritocratic communities usually work round here, right?
Meritocracy is still not non-political, but at least is most fair to 
everyone in a community, even the weaker.


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