[arch-general] BTRFS + Rollback + Subvolumes

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Wed Jul 11 04:10:41 EDT 2012

Hello List!

After a few years (like two?) of wandering around, I'm finally back using 
ArchLinux and wonder why I ever went on searching for something better in the 
first place. Feels good to be home..

Well, I installed ArchLinux a while back on my Laptop and switched yesterday to 
using btrfs as my fs for everything except boot, because of everything else 
being encrypted. Okay, I followed the wiki-article "Installing btrfs on root" 
(https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Installing_on_Btrfs_root) and everything 
went just fine (it does sometimes). 

So I now have a subvolume __active which represents /, one for home, one for usr 
and one for var. 

I then wanted to test the rollback-feature presented to me during boot and 
created a snapshot of the subvolume __active. I tried using this during, but it 
obviously fails, because of not having anything in /usr and /var and /home. 

So, my question (yes, finally) is:

Am I missing something or is just not possible to use different subvolumes (like 
__active, home, usr, var) and being able to rollback your system during boot? As 
far as I know btrfs-snapshots are not recursive. So wouldn't it be better 
(being-able-to-rollback-wise) to just have one subvolume so that you can really 
rollback everything in case something went wrong? Or is there a way to combine 
the benefits of having different subvolumes and still being able to rollback the 

I hope I am making any sense.. It's still before the first cup of coffee, alas.

Thank you in advance,

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