[arch-general] Upgraded kmod, but --ignored linux & glibc, modules still in /lib - can I reboot safely?

C Anthony Risinger anthony at xtfx.me
Sun Jul 15 21:09:45 EDT 2012

On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 4:14 PM, David Benfell
<benfell at parts-unknown.org> wrote:
> I'd have to look into using a not-so-custom kernel (presumably from
> the Arch package). Ten years ago, I used to build kernels routinely.
> But it's not trivial anymore.

nah none of that :-) i detest compiling things.

i run the standard Arch kernel, same as any other machine -- you just
have to configure your instance to use pv-grub.

... basically, you just need to make a grub-legacy menu.lst file, put
it in the normal place on an ext3 partition, and go from there. no
real work in the end.

the arch kernel has all the necessary CONFIG_* bits to run unmodified
in the Linode XEN environment.


C Anthony

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