[arch-general] About arch-install-scripts and new official iso.

Sven-Hendrik Haase sh at lutzhaase.com
Mon Jul 16 07:35:53 EDT 2012

fredbezies <fredbezies at gmail.com> wrote:


I've read the wiki page for arch-install-scripts. It is not very
"user-friendly". Any hope to see this "embedded" in a program, like
good old arch/setup ?

I'm not afraid of these scripts, but it could drive away some users
which are not ready for a so "simplified" installation tool.

Frederic Bezies
fredbezies at gmail.com

For the beginner's guide, I think there should merely be a lot more explanation for those commands instead of a wrapper script. I think it's awesome for beginners to see how easily and simply a system is actually installed. It is both educative and effective in communicating the arch way. 

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