[arch-general] pm-hibernate not working since update to 3.4.5-1-ARCH

Arvid Warnecke arvid at nostalgix.org
Fri Jul 20 02:05:33 EDT 2012


I have already been used to not beeing able to suspend my MacBook Pro
since the buggy nvidia version which came with 3.4.x kernel. But as of
the latest updates which brought kernel 3.4.5-1 I am not able to use
pm-hibernate anymore.
When looking into /var/log/pm-suspend.log it seems that hibernating went
well: lots of "success" messages and no errors. But when I then start
the MacBook again it does not resume but boots normally. fsck detects
that disks haven't been unmounted orderly, recovers journal and I am
back to a fresh booted system then.

I already looked up the wiki about pm-utils and found something about
adding 'acpi_sleep=nonvs' in /boot/grub/menu.lst. Issues mentioned there
with kernel versions around 2.6, which seems to be long time ago now. I
tried it anyway, but with no effect at all.

Any ideas what might be causing this issue? More fresh bugs in nvidia


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